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Ziplock bags are bags containing a zipper as a closer. The zipper has no teeth and is mostly made of plastic. These zippers make it possible to open and re-close the bag for many times. The zippers can be in any color and many variations are also possible regarding the size, the depth of the zipper sleeve and the position of the zipper.
Ziplock bags can be used for many purposes. In the express market these bags are used to make it possible to re-use the bag more times. In that case the costs are lowered because you don't have to destroy the bag to open it. Another sector using ziplock bags is the food packaging market. Ziplock bags make it possible to seal a bag after it has ...
There are two ways to make a ziplock bag. To heat seal and to extrude. The first way is to attach a piece of a ziplock strip on a flat polymer bag with heat. This production process is done on special ziplock bag machines using a on-line heat sealing method.
The second way is to make a ziplock bag with an inherent ziplock strip during its extrusion process. This needs a special extrusion machine which is enable to stream out clear LDPE tube and two tiny color strips - the ziplock strip - simultaneously. This is considered a more advanced way to make ziplock bags, because it take less processes, energy ...
Several designs and options are available for ziplock bags. There are ziplock strips in different colors, designs and materials. And there are options for single-strip or double-strip zip locks. On special demand customized strips can be produced by our suppliers.
The history of the ziplock bag goes back to 1951 when Borge Madsen developed a plastic zipper. This invention was very soon recognized by a company called Flexigrip and they decided to buy the patents for this product and started to develop it more with the aim to put it in the market. In the beginning the ziplock bag was only used for briefcases ...

Ziplock bags

Our ziplock bag assortment with all types and options.

This is our basic ziplock bag model. We supply 3 major types, inherent seal strip, attached strip and slider lock re-closable bags. This one is made of LDPE film or PP film or CPE film and this bag is with a plastic strip closure which enables it to be opened and re-closed. We supply 3 major types of re-closable bags one of them is ziplock re-closable bag which is with inherent seal strip, and the other two are re-closable bag with attached zip lock strip and slider lock re-closable bag. A ziplock re-sealable bag is extruded with a strip during…
A white block is a preprinted part on a plastic bag which makes it possible to write on it with markers. These white block bags can be combined perfectly with ziplock bags. For example for spare part bags or bags for supermarkets where prices have to be added on the bags. We have the right equipment onboard in our factory to add these white blocks on any bag as wished.
All our ziplock can be customized with any kind of zipper you wish. We can deliver zipper in several colors, the position of the zipper is customizable and the materials are up to you to choose from. If there is any wish from your side not in our portfolio t this moment we will be delighted to discuss further with you to see if we can meet your demand by developing a zipper as you wish or we have a look around for the zipper which is in your mind.
This type of ziplock bag has an inherent ziplock mounted on the top. This type of zipper is very suitable for fast productions for lower costs. This type of ziplock bag is very popular in the retail and the mailer sectors where the zipper is not used that much and only needs a short lifetime. We produce these inherent ziplock bags in our own factory. Therefore we can guarantee short leading times and competitive prices.
Anti static ziplock bags are especially meant for computer parts where an anti static layer is demanded to prevent these parts getting damaged. We can produce these zipper bags on aluminum in several layers depending on the demand of the purpose of the bag. The inner layer contains a special protection to ensure the bag will be suitable to contain electronic parts without any damage.
A ziplock bag with a leak proof zipper is very useful when the content of the bag is not allowed to leak. For example liquids. We can also provide any leak proof ziplock bag. These ziplock bags basically are the same as a standard ziplock bag but the difference is these zipper bags have a special zipper making it able to seal it leak proof. Also for this ziplock bag many options are available such as different kind of colors and different positions on the pouch.


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